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Inside Higher Ed showcases Capella's groundbreaking work with competency-based learning.

Competency based education heats up

Capella, KDS offer novel professional-development program for teachers
In partnership with a company called Knowledge Delivery Systems, Capella University has rolled out a novel teacher professional development program that can be customized to suit the needs of individual school districts.

Are You Competent? Prove It.
New York Times article that references Capella and competency-based learning

Where's the teacher? Online college debuts self-paced courses
The time and cost savings offered by direct assessment programs like Capella's FlexPath are featured in this Star Tribune article.

More Work to Be Done
Capella Chief Academic Officer Deb Bushway writes in Inside Higher Ed about how the government can best support direct assessment and competency-based learning in higher education.

Capella Education gains U.S. approval for self-paced degree track
The Star Tribune newspaper highlights Capella University’s new FlexPath direct-assessment programs.

An issue of highest (educational) importance
Capella University President Scott Kinney is featured in the USA Today discussing the critical need for competency-based learning models and direct assessment.

Graduate income is a helpful data set
Capella University President Scott Kinney writes on the need for universal information regarding the ROI of a college degree.

Income Data and the Degree
Scott Kinney discusses the importance of including income data into conversations about higher education programs and policies.

The Online Classroom - Minnesota Business magazine
Internet-based education is an important part of Minnesota's future—and present.

Police for-profit school abuses, but be fair
Capella CEO Kevin Gilligan shares his perspective on policy changes that could help reform our higher education system.

Sophia upgrades its website with 25,000 free academic tutorials has enhanced its social teaching and learning platform to include more than 25,000 free tutorials on math, science, English, and more.

Rating tutorials at
Students struggling with homework often turn to the Internet for help. Minneapolis tech firm Sophia Learning aims to make sure they find it in spades.

At Capella University, we welcome the discussion
A Star Tribune opinion piece on the credibility of a degree from Capella.

Capella hosted Moving Beyond Reputation webcast
Ray Suarez, senior correspondent with PBS' The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, moderated a Capella-sponsored panel discussion on evaluating quality in higher education.

Capella: A compelling learning vision
The Star Tribune newspaper profiles Steve Shank, Capella University's founder, about the vision and successes of the online university.

College accountability movement moves online
Inside Higher Ed article about the Transparency by Design initiative.

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